KederTape for Silicone Edge Graphics


KederTape is a high-quality awning tape that is laminated with a premium pressure sensitive adhesive which allows the product to be “peel and stick” applied to textiles for SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) applications. No sewing needed. KederTape adhesive has been highly engineered to aggressively adhere to textiles.

  • Easy peel and stick adhesive keder tape
  • KederTape fits within standard SEG metal frames
  • Easy to use
  • No sewing equipment needed

How To Use

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  • Recommended for making silicone edge graphics signs (SEG)
  • At first, place KederTape lightly on the textile SEG graphic. Test to see if the SEG fabric graphic fits within the frame.
  • KederTape can be adjusted on fabric for exact fit
  • Use a roller on KederTape to ensure strong adhesion

Frequently Asked KederTape® Questions

Does KederTape require heat to adhere to textiles?

No, KederTape is a type of awning tape that does not need heat to adhere to the SEG fabric.

How large is a KederTape roll?

KederTape comes on a 80ft spool.

Does KederTape come in different sizes?

Currently, KederTape is 3mm thick x 14mm wide. We can make custom sizes to fit large order needs.

No sewing at all?

Really no sewing! Sewing machines and training can be costly and time-consuming. With KederTape you can make Silicone Edge Graphic signs completely sewn free!

Product Description

KTAPE143-80AS KederTape

Packaging: 80 ft/spool: 5 rolls/case
Keder Size: 3mm” thick x 14mm wide

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