Banner Ups Tarpaulin Repair Kit

how to repair tarpaulinBanner Ups Starter Kit doubles up as a very effective tarpaulin repair kit, which further strengthens tarpaulin’s edges and its fastening points!

How to repair a tarpaulin? A case study

It was a common enough situation – we had a standard PVC tarpaulin which was tied down with metal eyelets.  Until, that is, 50 mph winds ripped one side completely to shreds.  We were left with naked metal eyelets still attached to the cords – not the PVC – and several deep rips across the tarpaulin beginning at where the eyelets used to be.

This was an ideal situation to demonstrate how Banner Ups products could be used as an effective tarpaulin repair kit alternative. It was a quick and easy fix that eventually increased the tarpaulin’s strength!

tarpaulin repair - hem repair

Tarpaulin Repair – Step 1: Repairing the hem

Step one was replacing the ripped-out eyelets with BravoTabs. It was very easy to stick the BravoTabs onto the tarpaulin’s surface. This created new and extremely strong fastening points.

Tarpaulin Repair – Step 2: Fixing the rips 

Not only did the eyelets rip out on the bottom, but there were several vertical rips into the body of the tarpaulin. This was a job for Clear PowerTape. The tape was easy to run over the rips and the tarpaulin looked good as new.

tarpaulin repair - eyeletsTarpaulin Repair – Step 3: Rebuilding the eyelets

Finally, we had to support the bottoms of the tarpaulin where the rope was going to tie too. Again, this was another perfect application for Clear PowerTape, which is designed to add strength to banner edges. Adding it to the tarpaulin’s edge gave it a huge boost of strength in combination with the BravoTabs. Having the edges repaired and tabs in place, we easily punched holes using a PowerPunch to run the rope through. Tarpaulin repair complete!

So far, it has held strong against 40mph winds!  

Our entire Tarpaulin Repair Kit can be viewed and ordered here.

What other applications do the BravoTabs, PowerTape and PowerPunch have? They are a fast, strong and easy way to create banners without having to hassle with banner eyelets or double-sided tape!

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