SGIA Journal: Silicone Edge Graphics Round Table

Silicone Edge Graphics Introduction

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) have taken the industry by storm. These high-resolution graphics are finished with a thin silicone strip that is sewn directly to the edge of the graphic.

We polled a panel of industry experts that included finishing companies as well as media and printer suppliers. One of the experts included was Rick Hatton, President of Banner Ups. Here’s how he responded to the SEG questions asked by the SGIA Journal: 


Q.) What are some of the trends you are seeing in banner finishing in 2017? 

"The banner market is in the early stages of consolidation. Larger and larger wide-format printer providers are seeking – and getting – greater market share. These companies are now focused on economies of scale. The opportunities are minimal in the raw materials because, frankly, those prices are already commoditized, so there is interest in automation. Finishing is the only part of banner production that remains automated."  

Q.) How are SEGs changing the landscape of the market? 

"SEGs are growing for indoor banner applications due to the benefit of lighter weight and high-end appearance. However, it also seems to be one of those areas where the hype gets ahead of the reality. Part of the reason for that is there is a high cost of entry due to the need for sewing equipment and qualified sewing operators and maintenance personnel – both of which are rare and costly. As a result, until now, the average size banner or sign shop has been shut out of the market." What's encouaging is that Banner Ups products require no sewing equipment - check out our range of products here

Q.) What are some of the best applications for SEGs? 

The best applications for SEGs are for semi-permanent indoor signs, either frontlit or backlit such as in airports, offices, and professional and university settings because though a premium in cost, they give a great look. Another application is trade show graphics because they are lightweight and easy to store and ship. 

Q.) How are your products helping shops with their projects in this area? 

With our solutions, a shop can just print the graphic on textile, then peel and stick in the proper place and then insert into the frame. And unlike sewing, the keder is repositionable if you make a mistake so the graphic is never ruined. 

Check out our KederTape - perfect for working with Silicone Edge Graphics. 

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