The Importance of placing banners

Banner Importance

Banners and banner stands are suitable for most businesses, there’ll always be some way for you to get the most out of banners and banner stands.

From inside your place of business, to the entrance or even a trade show, banners and banner stands can be a great way of grabbing your customers' attention. Where you place your banner can have a much larger impact on it's effectiveness than simply including colourful graphics. Here’s why your banners' placement is crucial to your promotion success:

Your banner needs to be visible to the customer

You need to create a banner or banner stand that customers can see. It’s worth spending some time deciding the best place to put your banner. Whether it’s inside, outside or at an event, your banner needs to promote a message in front of the correct audience – your customers. 

Positioning a banner in a shop or business

A common placement of banners is in their place of business. This is used often in B2C organisations, such as retail shops, where banners promote product benefits or special offers. When doing this, make sure the message is at eye level. You could also place a banner at the entrance, so customers see it as soon as they enter. 

Grabbing attention outside the business

You can make banners work outside of the business as well as inside. Designing the area around your business in a creative way, to enhance your appeal, can help increase footfall. This could be from your wall to a fence, make sure your banner is seen by any potential customers walking or driving past. You need a clear message to make it easily readable. This technique is effective for sale signs or special events. 

Trade show impact

Trade shows, conferences and exhibitions are all popular choices for banners and stands. They can be transported from venue to venue, which is a huge advantage for advertisers. Again, it’s vital that you ensure the potential customers can see the offering on your banner. Using a table will be ineffective as the information needs to be seen from a distance by your audience. If you are using pop up banners, avoid blocking any of your key messages.

Placement is just as important as design

Where you position your banner is just as important as the banner design. You need to consider the design requirements as well as how to use it and where you are going to place it. Your banner needs to be placed somewhere that has high visibility – this will result in great success as your audience can physically see it and process the message behind it. 


If you want to hang a banner in the most effective way, consider these points:

1. Where's the best location for your target audience to see the banner? 

2. Think of the message behind the banner. 

3. Does your banner contain a design that grabs the customer's attention? 

It’s fast and easy! If you have any questions about using any Banner Ups product, please contact us. Now you’re ready to go hang your new banner!

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